Game origins

This game was inspired by an online group known as the “Brutal Realism Project” or “bsproject”, and follows its lore and general gameplay style, using chance and stats to progress forwards. In the command line game, you will play as yourself as a wolf character in one of the groups.

The main lore in the game is derived from the bsproject common belief of the three deities, Yue, Ra and Cor.

Yue is the goddess of the moon, and is the mother of the star children and the one who cast them down from the heavens to become wolves on earth. She cast them down when they betrayed her love, spilling each other’s blood across the sky at the time when the sun and moon were at equinox, today known as sunset. She is compassionate and fair, but only gives her love to those who prove themselves worthy through honour, self sacrifice and respect for the land and each other. Her realm in the spirit world is known as Aurora, engulfed in eternal night and filled with glowing plants and many crystal clear streams. She is depicted as many creatures, a butterfly, a dove, but more commonly a gentle winged wolf, with glowing fur of stardust. Her followers believe in honour, and will not attack unless provoked. The packs that follow Yue are usually quite equal in numbers, with one alpha male and female leading the pack. No one gender is greater than the other, and these wolves are respectful to all life, caring for elderly members until they pass on into Aurora. If you were to meet some of Yue’s followers, they would treat you respectfully but never let down their guard. As they are usually fair and just, not much intelligence is required to communicate and avoid a fight.

Ra is the god of the sun, and the father of the wolf children. He is the trickster, the spider that wove the web of lies that cast his children onto the earth. He is ruthless, and conniving, twisting and bending others to his will through deceit, trickery and sheer brutality. His realm in the spirit world is known as Ember, and is a burning desert and tropical badland bathed in hot sunlight, devoid of water and natural beauty, filled with snakes, spiders, scorpions and other repulsive creatures. He is depicted in many forms, as a spider, snake, bear, wolf, but more commonly as a lion with mane aflame in a brilliant yellow light. His followers believe in strength and prowess in battle achieved through savagery, and that everything is made to be exploited by their dark desires. Their pack is structured with an almost all female working force and a king who reserves power and all offspring are his. If you were to meet one of his followers, they would be more likely to attack you and attempt to kill you for glory. Talking your way out of a fight with these wolves is extremely difficult, so prepare for a fight.

Cor, is a little different. He is the corruption, poison and unnatural forces that plague the land such as radiation, humans, disease and supernatural weather. His mind was lost in the beginning of time, and he remains an empty vessel of raw power, acting as a puppet to be pulled back and forth by Ra and Yue. His realm of the spirit world is known as Solstice and is pulled between day and night, creating a beautiful rift of sunset where day and night meet. This land is always changing in a chaotic yet orderly fashion, and is a nonsensical place filled with toxic waste, strange creatures and thick fog. He is always depicted as a large fox, with unnatural luminescent purple and green fur and empty red eyes. His followers do not form packs, contrary to the other gods. The followers of Cor usually live solitary and loose lives, adapting and bending to the land as Cor does in his. In times of strife, the followers hold a deep sense of community and will band together forming an impressive force. They usually try to avoid fighting, being skilled with words and peaceful by nature.