I haven’t been here in what feels like centuries, and the assessment is drawing to a close. 1 week to go!

What have I done:

  • Started coding game
  • saved several debug versions of the game
  • created a gantt chart
  • saved several versions of that as well
  • created a test plan
  • wrote up all the game lore
  • written out a pseudocode algorithm
  • kept all planning tools up to date (reasonably)
  • created a blog which I pretty much forgot about.

So where to from here? Well, the game itself and the test plan are far from completion, but is doable within a week. It’s only really the planning side I’m worried about, like the gantt chart.

I really like how this game is turning out so I think I’ll use it as part of my digital media project before I show it to the rest of the group for further development. This might even become a UNITY game.


– LordOswin