It’s been forever since I was last here (aka just over a week)

Not much progress being made at the moment, due to it being the holidays, I reserved the first week just for chilling, so I’ll have to update my gantt chart with the time lost and so on.

This week I’ll be writing out the pseudocode for the entire game (yikes) and it will probably consume the whole week, or a few days before I can start changing my mind about everything and starting from scratch. Just kidding. Scripting the actual game won’t take long, a week tops, so for the mean time I’ll try to keep updating this blog, the gantt chart and trying to figure out how to appease the educational overlords with my game “respecting the bicultural nation of new zealand”. Not really sure how the idea can do that since, there is only one race in the main idea. I’ll figure it out soon.

Alright, my hands are getting tired from all the typing I’ve been doing today, so I’ll end the post here.

Peace.The Most beautiful accident

-Lord Oswin