I’m back babies!

Okay, so I’m still coding my game. Why you ask, when the deadline was tuesday. Well, due to human error, it’s been extended to next monday, two whole days from now (or rather one and a bit).

I’d say the game is around 70% completed, but again the planning is gathering dust. I’ll be glad when this assessment is over, I just want my credits.

Still think my game is gonna be the best in the class though :3


Time to dust off this old blog

I haven’t been here in what feels like centuries, and the assessment is drawing to a close. 1 week to go!

What have I done:

  • Started coding game
  • saved several debug versions of the game
  • created a gantt chart
  • saved several versions of that as well
  • created a test plan
  • wrote up all the game lore
  • written out a pseudocode algorithm
  • kept all planning tools up to date (reasonably)
  • created a blog which I pretty much forgot about.

So where to from here? Well, the game itself and the test plan are far from completion, but is doable within a week. It’s only really the planning side I’m worried about, like the gantt chart.

I really like how this game is turning out so I think I’ll use it as part of my digital media project before I show it to the rest of the group for further development. This might even become a UNITY game.


– LordOswin

Finally, it begins.

drowning in code

After drowning in pseudo code and test plans and lore for a while, I’m finally ready to begin coding up my game. BUT, there’s a big but.  While I’ve been working away,  my gantt chart has been gathering dust and is way out of date.

So, no coding for me just yet. I still have a lot of cleaning up to do. Most of the pseudo code and test plans are saved to my school one note, but I may put them on here if I continue with this project after the school assessments end.

– Ossy out


I’m gonna have to reformat the site, since some of the pages (Lore, for example) aren’t too easy to find. Today, I’ve been redoing my gantt chart because it was too bare bones, and writing out more pseudocode. Thus far, here is my game in very basic pseudocode, and it’s not even done. I’ve got a lot more writing to do…


“A Brutal Adventure” – Pseudo Code/ Decision Tree



Ask for user’s name and chosen fur colour

Randomly generate stats

Print “lore”

Ask user to pick a side

Print “set the scene”

Print “arrive at first decision”

Ask user to choose a direction on a path

If choice is forwards, print randomly generated outcome and steps forward

If choice is backwards, print “taunting message” and miss one turn

If side is Ra, receive strength and health debuff

If choice is left, print “lucky message” and generate steps forward

If side is Yue, receive strength buff

If choice is right, print “unlucky message” and generate steps forward/backward or miss turn

If choice is wander (no direction), print “smooth message” and generate steps forward

If side is Cor, receive enlightenment buff

If turn not missed, get random scenario from list, print “random noise scenario”

Ask user whether or not to follow the noise described

If follow is yes, print unique noise scene

Ask player to interact with random noise scene

If yes, continue sub plot

If no, print “skip”

If follow is no, print “logical message” and receive intelligence buff

If side is Cor, receive strength debuff

If side is Yue, receive intelligence buff

If turn is missed, print “idle message”

Print “random noise scenario”

Ask player whether or not to follow noise

If yes, print out scenario and ask player to interact

If no to interaction, skip

If yes, continue sub plot

If no to noise, print skip and add intelligence boost

Print “night scene” and ask player to choose a path

If choice is back, print ‘cliff scenario’

If luck too low, print game over

If luck level high enough, receive enlightenment boost

If side is Ra, receive strength buff

If choice is right, generate random amount of steps forward

If choice is left, print random encounter scenario

If encounter friendly, ask player to follow

If encounter enemy, ask player to fight or flee

If fight, calculate whether the player can win

If win, print encouraging message

If loose, print scathing message and lose health

If health less than 0, print game over.


It’s been forever since I was last here (aka just over a week)

Not much progress being made at the moment, due to it being the holidays, I reserved the first week just for chilling, so I’ll have to update my gantt chart with the time lost and so on.

This week I’ll be writing out the pseudocode for the entire game (yikes) and it will probably consume the whole week, or a few days before I can start changing my mind about everything and starting from scratch. Just kidding. Scripting the actual game won’t take long, a week tops, so for the mean time I’ll try to keep updating this blog, the gantt chart and trying to figure out how to appease the educational overlords with my game “respecting the bicultural nation of new zealand”. Not really sure how the idea can do that since, there is only one race in the main idea. I’ll figure it out soon.

Alright, my hands are getting tired from all the typing I’ve been doing today, so I’ll end the post here.

Peace.The Most beautiful accident

-Lord Oswin

1 whole week

Okay, it’s been a little more than a week. I would have updated sooner, but I’ve been very busy with planning out my gantt chart, writing out all the game lore, and overall planning and preparing this project.

Here, I have my gantt chart for the next 2/3 weeks, which are school holidays:

Book1 (Autosaved)

I know, I know, it looks really crappy right now but I’m not anywhere near being close to done, what would you expect in the first weeks on an 8 week project?

I’ll update further soon,


Well hello there

Hello people. This is the start of my assessment to make a command line rpg in python for computer science. Incase you hadn’t noticed, the game will be called “A Brutal Adventure”, and is based around a wolf going for a stroll in the wilderness. The game itself is based off another roleplay, known as the bsproject, or Brutal Realism project. Here I will be posting all the updates, planning and debug releases and whatnot. You get the idea.

Let’s begin.